GLEPHA’s Mental Health Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to: 

1) Improve the outcomes of law enforcement interactions with people who may be experiencing a mental health crisis or distress in the community; and 

2) Align health care resources to reduce the role of law enforcement in responding to mental health situations.

The Mental Health SIG adopts a global collaboration framework for solving local and regional challenges, bringing together the combined expertise and ideas from people with lived experience and their carers/families, police officers, mental health practitioners, educators, researchers, policy experts, and other interested parties. Our purpose is to identify and share innovative solutions and build an evidence base for effective approaches that improve outcomes.  

While mental health is clearly a health care issue, it is common around the globe for law enforcement to engage with people in the community who experience a mental health crisis or distress. These encounters can increase stigma and often result in unnecessary arrest, involuntary detention, or other adverse outcomes. By convening leaders and experts across the world with different perspectives and through sharing information and research about a wide variety of specialized approaches, we help empower nations, regions, and local communities to make and sustain progress in the decriminalization of mental health.

The Mental Health SIG meets quarterly (currently by virtual meetings) and also conducts webinars and other educational activities related to the intersection of law enforcement and mental health. To inquire about participating in the GLEPHA Mental Health SIG or collaborating with our passionate team of experts, please send us an email.