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Becoming a member

Are you an active or aspiring leader in your professional field? Are you acutely aware of the contributions of both law enforcement and public health to community safety and well being? Are you keen to join a community of diverse people, from disparate fields and different countries but with similar aspirations, skills and interests, all working to find a common language and common goals? 

With GLEPHA membership you will help to fulfil your own and GLEPHA’s aims, to embody the values we work towards: equality, inclusion and respect. Membership of this global network will provide you with contacts, resources and events that will be vital to your work. And GLEPHA membership fees are kept low. to live our values and include everyone, whatever their circumstances.

Our membership form will ask you a few questions, such as what country you’re participating from and your interest areas. This information is so that we can learn about you to better plan events, foster collaborations, and build a stronger network which works for you, your colleagues and your communities. Filling out the membership form should only take a few minutes. You will then receive formal membership notification and a welcome letter.

 And be assured, we take your privacy seriously. All information is secured, is strictly for our professional use, and will not be shared outside GLEPHA.

Membership fees

There are four levels of individual membership. All individual memberships are for one year only. Institutional memberships are for one or two years.



Institution Level 1


Entitles up to 25 staff to full membership services and participation but only one vote at general meetings

Institution Level 2


Entitles up to 50 staff to full membership services and participation but only one vote at general meetings


Individual Income Level
$0 - US$10.000


Individual Income Level
US$11,000 - US$50,000


Individual Income Level
US$51,000 - US$80,000


Individual Income Level
US$81,000 and above


An inclusive fee structure

GLEPHA is aware of the value and power of inclusion. We recognize the constraints that some individuals have in paying the membership fee. From May 2024 we have revised the fee structure based on an honour system and hopefully the four individual categories will enable everyone to join GLEPHA.


The benefits of GLEPHA membership

Share, learn, lead, collaborate, network, promote. You are already an active participant in the law enforcement, public health and related disciplines and interest areas. You can enhance your knowledge, grow your networks and display your leadership by joining GLEPHA and receive the following membership benefits. And there is a membership category for everyone.

As a GLEPHA member YOU will:

  • Receive a substantial discount on registration fees for the annual International Law Enforcement and Public Health conference and other events and activities organised or endorsed by GLEPHA.
  • At no cost, use GLEPHA’s advertising spaces on various websites with an extensive global reach, for your programs, to find students and research assistants, to publicise your publications …
  • Be able to join GLEPHA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that focus on specific areas of interest. You may even aspire to convene an existing or new SIG. You will certainly be actively encouraged to develop ideas for SIGs. 
  • Receive issue publication emails and quarterly e-newsletters free from the Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being – a ‘must read’ publication that includes original research, reviews, social innovations, commentaries and thought-provoking editorials.
  • Be an active participant in informal discussion groups across disciplines and sectors that have already enhanced knowledge exchange and the creation of new collaborations for many members.
  • Become part of an international network of practitioners, researchers and students and have access to curated full text articles relevant to law enforcement and public health.
  • Be encouraged to share datasets in the Members’ Only section to help you collaborate on your unique research projects relevant to law enforcement and public health.
  • Be able to highlight your leadership and showcase your research and practice projects, recruit participants, share knowledge and inspire others.
  • Be able to publish articles or other materials on the GLEPHA and related websites.
  • Be able to write guest blogs on GLEPHA’s social media outlets
  • Become a recipient of the already active global mentoring program, or provide mentoring or advice services to others working in, or with an interest in the law enforcement and public health space.
  • Utilise GLEPHA’s support and endorsement in seeking grant funding and contracts.