GLEPHA’s Mission:

To promote research, understanding and practice at the intersection of law enforcement and public health.

GLEPHA’s Aims:

Working globally, regionally and nationally, across the broadest range of issues that connect public health to public safety, promote community safety and wellbeing, and call for partnerships between the law enforcement and public health sectors, GLEPHA aims to:

  • Foster tangible collaborations between stakeholders in law enforcement, public health, local government and community sectors, and between practitioners and academics in these fields;
  • Promote knowledge creation and dissemination through research, exploration, publication, creation of venues for these activities, and building and development of widening and inclusive networks;
  • Optimise the distribution of responsibilities, funding and accountability across relevant systems in furtherance of the safety and wellbeing of whole communities; and
  • Bring a focus on racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender and geographic equity to both public health and law enforcement systems and their partnerships.
  • influence public policy using the research knowledge.

Substantive Outcomes

Creation and growth of an interdisciplinary field of enquiry and knowledge creation and dissemination about all aspects of the intersections of law enforcement and public health (in their broadest senses).

Exploration of application of learning to practice and connection of practice to learning.

Creation and maintenance of optimal multisectoral partnerships to address complex and interrelated social issues with health, safety, wellbeing and security impacts and implications.

To address the asymmetry of knowledge about improving public health, safety and community well-being, including law enforcement and public health related interventions, and alternative dispute resolution approaches, by identifying and/or promoting examples of these interventions which occur in the global South or lower and middle income countries, but receive little attention or recognition.