A highlight of past LEPH conferences have been the Marketplace of Ideas. These practice focussed sessions will be up to 90 minutes duration, with smaller groups and highly interactive. They aim to provide practical examples of law enforcement  and health/welfare collaborations at local level, across a wide range of complex social and public health issues Рfor operational police in particular, whose need is pressing and for practical, more than theoretical, information and to stimulate interest in the development of new collaborative programs. The Marketplace of Ideas (MoI) may be a joint presentation by both a law enforcement and a public health practitioner involved in a project. 

An interesting example of an MoI is being led by PHA Wales on Trauma-informed approaches to policing, childhood adversity and early intervention: What does trauma-informed awareness mean for practice?


Check out all the MoI’s that will be on offer at LEPH2023 here.