We are pleased to announce the next in a series of such webinars “The Four Nations Public Health Approaches in Policing Webinar Series Presents: The Role of Sport in Prevention” will be held on Monday 13 December 14:00 – 16:00.

The webinar will explore this public health approach and share practice examples with a strong focus on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention whilst addressing the causes of the causes. There will be opportunities for a question-and-answer session at the end of the webinar.

Topics and speakers will include:

  • Justin Coleman, Co-founder of the Alliance of Sport will be talking about the work he has done in Newport, with the Wales ACE Support Hub contribution, on Levelling the Playingfield and how this fits with the wider UK taskforce ambition.
  • Ethos are pulling together a short film which, through individual stories, will outline the crucial role sport has played in wellbeing. There are many angles behind sport and wellbeing; physical, mental, workplace, recovery, recuperation and of course the role of sport in the community. Hopefully these stories will be a catalyst for more conversation amongst the group.
  • Dr. Nathan Eisenstadt, Senior Research Associate, Domestic Violence and Health Group, Bristol Medical School will look at preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence through football and sport.
  • Graham Helm, National Partnerships Manager – Safer, StreetGames and colleagues will present based on the Theory of Change that articulates the contribution sport can make to produce positive outcomes in the context of Youth Violence.
  • Police Scotland will provide a presentation covering both ongoing work by their National Football Information Point and prevention work being carried out by FC United to prevent suicide and the SPFL Trust.
  • PSNI will cover topics from working in partnership to Tackling Paramilitarism, Criminality and Organised Crime Programme, programmes that engage young people and how sport coud work in assisting young people living in interface areas.
  • Rich Raynes CEO of Sport Inspired talking about using sport as a vehicle to increase community cohesion and to raise aspirations, achievement and opportunities in children in deprived neighbourhoods.

The webinar is free to attend and aimed at law enforcement and public health practitioners, policy makers and researchers from public health teams, response policing professionals and leaders, Violence Reduction Units, multi-agency system leaders, future/horizon scanners and early intervention/prevention specialists.


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