Inga HeymanGLEPHA Fellow

    Dr Inga Heyman (Associate Professor, Policing and Public Health, Edinburgh Napier University,
    Scotland) is a GLEPHA Fellow and Honorary Member of the Faculty of Public Health. Inga is a
    registered Adult and Mental Health Nurse and qualitative researcher, with a clinical, educational and
    research career in Australia and Scotland. Inga’s professional practice, teaching and research focus
    lies at the intersect of policing and public health. This is underpinned by practice across a broad
    range of health, police and public protection services including substance use, sexual and maternal
    health, police custody, and emergency mental health services. Inga is Co-director of the Scottish
    Centre for Policing; Public Health, Lead for interprofessional learning, and Co-convener of the
    GLEPHA Education Special Interest Group. Inga works with a range of national and international
    partners in an advisory capacity to support policing and public health policy, practice, and research
    development. She enjoys a strong and continued affiliation with the Scottish Institute for Policing
    Research (SIPR) and Police Scotland.

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