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    Ian de Terte (New Zealand)

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    Dr de Terte is a senior lecturer in clinical psychology (US equivalent: Associate Professor) based at the Wellington Campus of the School of Psychology, Massey University, New Zealand.

    He is a member of the clinical psychology training programme at Massey University. Dr de Terte’s philosophy is that clinical practice and teaching should be evidence based. As a result he focuses his research on matters that are directly transferable to everyday situations. He is a former detective with the New Zealand Police and is a reservist (major/clinical psychologist) with the New Zealand Defence Force. Broadly his research is focused on the intersection of clinical psychology and high-risk occupations.

    Whilst, Dr de Terte’s research is focused on the context of high-risk occupations, he is particularly interested in first responders and military personnel. His actual research interests can be divided into three main themes: (1) the health/mental health of workers in high-risk occupations (posttraumatic stress); (2) prevention strategies or interventions that moderate or protect against the potential consequences of occupational trauma (psychological resilience/coping strategies); and (3) how clinical psychology can contribute to the domain of high-risk occupations.

    He has been fortunate to be involved in clinical or research work in some foreign locations such as Thailand, Philippines, Pitcairn Island, and Dubai.

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