Alex WorkmanPhD Candidate, Western Sydney University

Alex Workman

PhD Candidate, Western Sydney University

Alex is a criminologist and has an interest in the social justice outcomes of marginalized populations, particularly those who are sexually diverse, and the intersections they have with other parts of their identity such as, people living with a disability, Indigenous people, culturally and linguistically diverse people and religious minorities. Alex’s research focuses on the intersections of public health, criminology, policing and human rights. The intersectional disciplinary approach to research has seen Alex travel internationally to present his research in Canada and Scotland as part of the Law Enforcement and Public Health (LEPH) conference. Alex has been teaching across a broad array of disciplines within health and social sciences including, philosophy, cultural safety, policing, criminological theory, human rights and, international relations during natural disasters, conflict, and refugee crisis across undergraduate programs at Western Sydney University, Australia.


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