The Status of Policing in India Report 2020-21 gathers and evaluates original data on policing under extraordinary circumstances. It has been divided into two parts: First, a study of policing in conflict-affected areas and second, a study of policing during the Covid-19 pandemic. The studies present policy-oriented insights into everyday working of the police in India. The idea, once again, is to improve the rule of law and justice delivery mechanism by making the police responsive to the needs of a resurgent, democratic India. On the face of it, the two parts appear disparate but both the ideas—of policing in conflict states and during the pandemic—are about policing under unusual and extraordinary circumstances. The first part of the SPIR 2020-21 is focused on districts and states affected by some form of conflict, extremism, or insurgency while the second part looks at the cops’ preparedness against disasters in general and health emergencies in particular. Both the studies combine perceptions and performance about policing, in essence, a continuation of the SPIR 2018 and 2019. The earlier reports were focused on citizens’ trust and satisfaction with the police and their adequacy, attitudes and working conditions. The present study also surveys both the police personnel and common citizens using separate teams and questionnaires in different geographies.


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