The purposes of the deflection and diversion special interest group:

  1. To provide an international forum for members to engage in discussion and knowledge exchange on deflection and diversion.
  2. To provide a set of international guidelines for deflection and diversion that national and local contexts can adapt to meet their own needs.
  3. To explore deflection and diversion at a systems level to critically explore the issue of criminalization of vulnerable populations, exploring how public health outcomes can be improved.


The SIG will act as a network of individuals who have knowledge, experience or interest in the field of deflection and diversion. This will include deflection from arrest, police diversion, prosecutorial diversion, and diversion from both criminal and civil court proceedings.


The members of the deflection and diversion special interest group will:

  • Act as a network where opportunities and challenges of deflection and diversion can be discussed in relation to different legal, political, cultural, treatment and/or health and social care systems.
  • Collect and disseminate knowledge of deflection and diversion, identifying best practices from multiple international contexts.
  • Facilitate the engagement of members in research and evaluation on deflection and diversion.
  • Develop the themes within the deflection and diversion streams of the Law Enforcement and Public Health (LEPH) conferences. Including, but not limited to the following:
    1. Deflection and diversion definitions and guiding principles.
    2. International best practices.
    3. Deflection and diversion as public health interventions.
    4. Deflection, diversion and human rights.
    5. Deflection, diversion and public safety in multiple global contexts.
    6. A harms perspective: deflection, diversion, and systemic harms.
    7. Deflection and diversion in relation to race, gender and income inequalities.
    8. Deflection and diversion in relation to safeguarding the family structure and children.
    9. Deflection and diversion and complex political systems.
    10. Deflection, diversion and legal reform.
  • Identify researchers and practitioners who are involved in work related to the SIG, who may be willing to contribute to LEPH conferences.
  • Organize a deflection and diversion satellite meeting as part of the LEPH conferences.
  • Expand membership and the profile of the SIG.
  • Provide regular advice, guidance and updates to the GLEPHA board.