Significant progress has been made in adopting public health principles in policing, the policing and health collaboration landscape review 2021 has found.

This progress is reflected in national policy documents, systems and networks that support a collaborative approach to public health and prevention, and the growing body of work within frontline policing that is underpinned by public health principles.

The landscape review also identifies opportunities for further development in four key areas, which cover:

  • policy and systems
  • evidence for primary prevention
  • public health practice
  • research in public health and policing

It outlines the progress in leadership, practice, culture and evidence since the publication of the national policing, health and social care consensus for England in 2018. It is testimony to what can be achieved through partnerships and a common purpose.

More is needed to achieve the ambition of the consensus, to embed public health approaches at all levels of policing, and to strengthen partnerships between police and other agencies to support the prevention of crime and inequality.

By identifying opportunities for future development, the review is also useful to senior leaders and national policymakers who are involved in prevention, and demonstrates to frontline practitioners how much their work is valued.


Read the full review here.