This Overview of International Literature collates what we understand to be a full list of the relevant published papers and reports on drug consumption rooms (DCRs) and supervised injecting facilities (SIFs) internationally (for definitions, see next section). This Overview updates the overview provided by the Drug Policy Modelling Program, University of New South Wales (deVel-Palumbo, Matthew-Simmons, Shanahan & Ritter, 2013) ; and updates the categories that classify the main areas of evidence provided by the research to date. We included papers and reports where SIFs/DCRs were the main topic or where SIF/DCR clients were the population studied. The aim of this document is to provide an exhaustive, easy to read overview of scientific literature pertaining to SIFs/DCRs internationally that would facilitate scholars in summarizing main research areas, as well as identifying the key scientific contributions and in preparation of advocacy materials.

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