New Report Released: “Everybody’s Business: Early Intervention Crime Reduction”

A new report has been released, which is a collaboration between the WHO Collaborating Centre on Violence Prevention at Liverpool John Moores University and the WHO Collaborating Centre on Investment for Health and Well-being at Public Health Wales.

Highlights of the Report:
– A focus on the synergy between public health and criminal justice.
– Exploration of multi-agency collaboration involving police, health, social care, local government, education, and the third sector.
– Insight into the implementation of early intervention and preventative strategies to address public health and criminal justice challenges.

This report is a crucial resource for professionals across various sectors, providing strategies and insights on collaborative approaches to effectively reduce crime and enhance public health.

The full report is available for reading at Everybody’s Business: Early Intervention Crime Reduction

We encourage all members and stakeholders to engage with the contents of this report, which offers valuable perspectives on improving community health and safety.