Dive into the first comprehensive exploration dedicated to the complex interplay between drug law enforcement and harm reduction. This edited collection brings together leading scholars, active police officers, and influential policymakers to examine the impact of policing on health, crime, and justice.

The book offers an interdisciplinary approach and extends internationally to frame and analyze the key issues facing today’s drug policy enforcement. Topics discussed include the effectiveness of current strategies, the unintended consequences of the ‘war on drugs,’ and innovative attempts to reform drug policing. The collection also delves into the broader themes of inequality and the role of partnerships and policy networks in shaping outcomes.

Ideal for those interested in:

  • The latest academic and practical developments in drug policy and law enforcement.
  • The integration of harm reduction strategies into policing.
  • Insights from a global perspective with diverse empirical studies.

Available now at Routledge. Grab your copy to engage with cutting-edge debates and help shape the future directions in drug policing.