Call for Papers: Routledge International Handbook of Critical Policing Studies
Editors: Professor Nicole L Asquith, Dr Jess Rodgers, James Clover, Professor Gary Cordner, Inspector Rishweena Ahmed, Associate Professor Angela Dwyer

The policing of behaviour, norms and safety is undertaken in a range of informal and formal ways. Enlivening public safety and wellbeing cannot be achieved by police (alone). This handbook will consider policing from across the continuum of reforms to police, refunding public safety, and alternatives to police and policing. The aim of the handbook is to imagine how the goals of public safety and wellbeing can be achieved in ways that do not unnecessarily sustain the need for (the expansion of) police, nor abrogate our obligations to respond to the ‘hue and cry’ of our neighbour.

The editors of this handbook welcome contributions that consider policing as concept, technique, practice, and/or institution. We are interested in submissions exploring any of the following topics. This is not an exhaustive list, and alternative topics will be considered:

  • Reform to police—trust in police, diversity and police/policing, police leadership, policing outside of the metropole, police oversight and accountability, police training, police recruitment.
  • Refund public safety and wellbeing—law enforcement and public health, desistance-led policing, restorative justice, vulnerability, subaltern communities and safety.
  • Alternatives to police and policing—police abolition, community safety strategies, mutual aid, decolonising safety, human rights and justice.

You may wish to include a police or community practitioner in the writing of your chapter.
Abstracts and working titles will be required by 30 April 2023, and authors will be notified of the editors’ decision by 31 May 2023.

If you would like to author a chapter for this submission, please send an abstract of 300 words to with the subject line Critical Policing Studies Chapter Proposal and your name. If you would like more information about the scope of the proposed collection before submitting a proposal, please email us at with the subject line Critical Policing Studies Inquiry and your name.