International Association of Women Police

Research Paper Series 

Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) has started a research E-Paper Series within the Criminal Justice Research Network (CJRN) and Women’s and Gender Studies Network (WGSRN) of SSRN.

The IAWP E-Paper Series will feature the latest research and field experiences from women in policing including women in leadership roles, gender mainstreaming within police, need for bringing women to the central stage of policing, gender-responsive policing, recruitment, training and retention of women in police, prevention, detection and investigation of physical crime, cybercrime and cyber-victimization of women and girls, and family, mental and physical health issues of women police officers.

Papers can be submitted at any time for the series and will be reviewed by a panel and the Department of Academic Standards of SSRN, priority will be given to those submitted by IAWP members. Papers featured in the series can move on to top quality research and leadership journals widely recognized by the best institutions and minds in the world.

The IAWP Research Paper series encourages submissions of individual research, referenced opinion articles and even ‘papers’ presented at conferences, submissions are not required to be of full academic standard, and we encourage the submission of ‘Good Practice’ and ‘Lessons Learned’ that will help inform and influence policy and practice.

Subscription to the series is free and open to anyone, so we hope our members will subscribe and ‘spread the word’ to non-members, colleagues, friends, and family so we can share information and research on women in policing as widely as possible.

To subscribe to the series (no charge):

If you have any questions or queries or for submission of a paper or article, please email:

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