The Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative—the national voice of the field of deflection and pre-arrest diversion—invites you to attend its 2021 Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion Training Summit, October 12-15 in Chicago, Illinois.

The emerging field of deflection and pre-arrest diversion provides an opportunity for public safety practitioners to collaborate with the public health system to create community-based pathways to treatment and services for people with substance use disorders (SUDs), mental health disorders (MHDs), or both, and who often have other service needs, without entry into the justice system.

This summit—the only one of its kind—will provide the opportunity for individuals, teams, organizations, and community leaders to come together through cross-sector collaboration to learn about, develop, and enhance deflection and pre-arrest diversion initiatives that best address the needs of their communities.

Given the record number of lives lost to overdoses over the last year and the danger to people with mental illness during encounters with law enforcement, there has never been a more essential time for first responders, behavioral health, and the community to work together to ensure access to treatment and services for people with SUDs and MHDs.

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