Patricia Griffin (USA)

    Patricia Griffin (USA)

    Portfolio: LEPH conference planning – USA; membership building

    Holy Family University, USA

    Patricia is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Graduate Criminal Justice Program at Holy Family University (Philadelphia).  She received her doctorate in criminal justice at Temple University.  Pat began her career as a criminal intelligence analyst, followed by an appointment as Special Agent with the United States Office of Organized Crime and Labor Racketeering.  Prior to joining HFU, she held administrative appointments and lecturer positions at Saint Joseph’s University, Boston College, and Cabrini University.

    Patricia’s research has examined resilience in policing.  Using the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, she has worked with police organizations to identify and strengthen pathways that support overall health and wellness of police and first responders.  Pat’s research has examined opioid use by police officers in the U.S., in particular how the physical and social availability of opioids has contributed to officers’use, as well as studying the impact of opioid use on workplace policy and practice. Most recently, Patricia served as the Senior International Research Consultant with the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime in East Africa to study the use of alcohol and other substances by officers in the Kenyan National Police Service.

    Patricia regularly consults with the non-profit organization, Law Enforcement Health Benefits, Inc.  and the First Responders Addiction Treatment Program (FRAT), Livengrin Foundation, Inc. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, Criminal Justice Advisory Committee.