Tracey PriceConsultant & CEO, MyCorZ Research & Training Consultancy

Tracey Price

Consultant & CEO, MyCorZ Research & Training Consultancy

Tracey Price is a qualitative researcher and independent consultant who has research interests in substance use, drug policy and the intersection between law enforcement and public health. Tracey has a background in social care and social work is passionate about amplifying the voices of those with lived and living experience. Tracey is experienced in conducting social research with marginalised and/or excluded social groups and individuals. She has worked on a range of research projects related to substance use, mental health, wellbeing and homelessness. Tracey is a member of Drugs Research Network Scotland and the Scottish Institute for Policing Research. She is a Co-convener and founding member of the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association’s Special Interest Group on Deflection and Diversion. She is also a member of the Scottish Drug Death Taskforce’s Criminal Justice and Law subgroup and enjoys contributing to policy development. Tracey is a keen collaborator and is particularly interested in examining the cross-contextual translatability of ‘evidence-based’ strategies from one country to another. She owns and operates MyCorZ Research & Training Consultancy and takes on a range of projects, including: proposal development, data collection, analysis, writing and enhancing research impact. Further information can be found at:


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