Tracey PriceFaculty of Social Science, University of Sterling

Tracey Price

Faculty of Social Science, University of Sterling SCOTLAND

Tracey Price is a qualitative researcher, based at the University of Stirling, Scotland. Prior to coming into academia, Tracey held several roles in the social work and social care field. She is based within the university of Stirling’s Salvation Army Centre for Addiction Services (SACASR) and Research team and is affiliated to the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. Price is mid-way through a PhD which examines diversion from criminal justice to health-focussed support for people with drug-related issues, which is co-funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Scottish Government. She is also involved in research projects within the SACASR centre and has a further role as an Organisational Reflective Learning Manager for an organisation who provide specialist residential care for young people who have experienced trauma and relationship loss. She believes strongly in the need to work collaboratively across professional sectors to exchange knowledge and develop systems that are able to adapt to the complex needs of individuals, engaging those with lived experience in all policy and practice developments.


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