Tracey Price-AllanManaging Director, MyCorZ Consultancy Ltd.

    Managing Director, MyCorZ Consultancy Ltd.

    Dr. Tracey Price-Allan is a qualitative researcher who has research interests in trauma informed approaches, drug policy, substance use, diversion and the intersection between law enforcement and public health. Tracey has a background in social care and social work is passionate about amplifying the voices of those with lived and living experience. She owns and operates MyCorZ Research & Training Consultancy and takes on a range of projects, including proposal development, data collection, analysis, writing and enhancing research impact. Tracey also holds a position as a strategic research lead for Apex Scotland, a charity based in Scotland, who offer support to people with criminal convictions via a range of interventions. Tracey’s current research with Apex involves examining a ‘trauma informed’ approach to service delivery.  She is a Co-convener of GLEPHA’s Special Interest Group on Deflection and Diversion and a member of the GLEPHA Board of Directors. Tracey holds a BA (hons) degree in social work, a master’s degree in criminological research and a PhD in sociology, social policy and criminology. Her PhD research examined how the ‘problems’ of drug use, diversion and the Scottish context are represented in official UK and Scottish policy discourses, and the implications for practice. Tracey is a member of Drugs Research Network Scotland, the Scottish Institute for Policing Research and the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. Tracey often contributes to policy consultations related to topics including drug use, reducing harms and drug law reform.